HGL Dynamics Spin Rig

Access to operational rotating machinery for training and/or demonstration is often limited for both practical and health & safety reasons. For this reason HGL Dynamics has developed a small scale spin rig that provides a useful tool for demonstrating vibration phenomena and training staff in vibration monitoring and analysis.

  • Manual or Automated Motor Control
  • Multiple Bearing / Fixture Positions
  • Once Per Revolution Tacho Support
  • 90° mounted Proximity Probe Support
  • Accelerometer Support
  • Integrated Control Electronics


Trim Balance Pro Software

trim balance pro


Anyone who has to maintain rotating machinery will sooner or later be faced with a unit that needs to be trim balanced. Failing to ensure equipment is properly balanced will inevitably lead to premature failure and costly delays to production.

Traditionally it was necessary to have staff with considerable experience and training to carry out the trim balancing operations OR to call on the services of a specialist contractor.

HGL Dynamics has used its in-house experience in the rotating machinery industry and its specialist team of software developers to produce an exciting new software package that will allow almost anyone to successfully carry out trim balancing operations on a wide range of machinery.