Vibration Measurement and Balancing Consultancy

HGL Dynamics can carry out vibration measurements on your site to diagnose problems with both rotating and static structures.  Our experience covers taking vibration measurements on the rotating machinery within Power plants, pumping stations and many other types of plant where rotating machinery is in use. Our in house developed tools allow us to record and analyse the vibration signatures, our experience enables us to interpret the results and identify the root cause of the problem and recommend the most effective measures to cure the problem.


Exhaust Emission Testing

Exhaust emission testing has become increasingly important to both manufacturers and operators of any form of equipment relying on the combustion of fossil fuels as exhaust emission limits are reduced and fines for non compliance increased.

HGL Dynamics has good knowledge of the requirements of turbine exhaust emission testing and extensive experience within the industrial turbine marketplace. This enables HGL to provide support for your emission testing requirements, including tests operation and monitoring and system maintenance / fault finding.


Strain Gauge Testing

Strain gauge tests are a vital tool in the validation process of many structures. They provide a unique way of establishing the static and dynamic loads on a structure. Even with the event of enhanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques, strain gauge tests are required to validate the models used. This is particularly true for systems where the boundary conditions are difficult to establish such as a turbine blade or disk rotating at high speed in a high temperature environment. 


Turbine Test Support

HGL staff have a wide range of turbine test and development experience gained within the UK’s major Industrial and Aero Gas Turbine OEMs. This allows us to offer a range of test support, planning and operation services.

Whether the requirement is fault diagnosis by an end user or for additional manpower resources by a manufacturer, HGL can make sure the test is carried out in a timely and efficient manner.


Modal Testing and Frequency Screening

Modal testing is widely used to either verify the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) work carried out on a component or to establish any modes that may sit within rotating machinery fundamental frequency ranges.  

HGL can work with a large range of component sizes, subject to the correct clamping devices being available. Our laser vibrometry capability additionally gives us the ability to use non contact methods with small components where traditional methods would have too great an effect on the results.