Strain Gauge Testing

Strain gauge tests are a vital tool in the validation process of many structures. They provide a unique way of establishing the static and dynamic loads on a structure. Even with the event of enhanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques, strain gauge tests are required to validate the models used. This is particularly true for systems where the boundary conditions are difficult to establish such as a turbine blade or disk rotating at high speed in a high temperature environment. 

Providing monitoring equipment for strain gauge tests has always been a core activity for HGL Dynamics. During 2010, the company has expanded its operations to offer a turnkey package covering all aspects of strain gauge test planning, preparation and execution:

  • Establishing gauge position and type (working with your Analytical Department)
  • Arranging gauge installation
  • Working with slip ring or telemetry systems
  • Installation and connection of test vehicle
  • Leasing of dynamic monitoring and recording systems
  • Test monitoring and reporting
  • Reporting of test data and liaison with Analytical Engineering

Whether the requirement is for a couple of gauges on a problematic component installed on site or several hundred gauges on a full instrumented rotor test, HGL has the expertise to manage the test from initial design and installation through to full reporting of the data. This is a service unique in the market.