HGL Eagle data acquisition

32 Channel Rack-Mount Acquisition

  • Up to 32 Channels
  • 5 - 256 kHz Sample Rate
  • 24-Bit ADC per Channel
  • 104 dB SNR
  • +/- 0.1, 1.0, & 10 V Input Ranges
  • Three Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
  • Embedded Core i-Series PC Board
  • AC, DC, IPC, strain input options
  • Continuous recording capability
  • Record to SSD or Hard Disk Drive

Eagle is a data acquisition system designed to provide a world-class rack-mounted solution for medium channel-count dynamic data recording, and real-time monitoring requirements. Eagle is particularly suited to applications close to the test article with a rugged 19" rack-mount chassis.

Eagle may be operated in a standalone mode as a mobile acquisition system (with screen & keyboard fitted) or as part of a larger remotely-controlled acquisition system.

Eagle features up to 32 analogue input channels.

  • 24-bit delta-sigma A-to-D converter per channel
  • Synchronous sample rates 5-256 kHz (up to 100 kHz bandwidth)
  • All inputs are configurable for AC, DC, ICP, Tachometer or other conditioned signals
  • Each channel signal conditioning is controllable through integrated, easy to use software
  • LVDS, IRIG or GPS synchronization allows multi-unit operation
  • < 5 kg weight

Three variants:

  • No Data Disk (Streams all data via Ethernet in real-time to a Hawk system)
  • Up to 960 GB Solid State Disk
  • Up to 3TB rotating hard disk drive

Eagle is compatible with all existing HGL Dynamics systems delivering data in HGL standard format. The Eagle can also provide data in Sony SIR1000 format and TEAC RD series format if required.