HGL Hawk data acquisition

High-Performance Data Acquisition and Monitoring

  • Affordable high-quality multi-channel data acquisition
  • Up to 64 channels per acquisition unit
  • Control in excess of 1024 channels from one screen with multi-unit facility
  • 0 - 2.5 MHz Sample Rate (0 - 1 MHz Bandwidth) per channel
  • > 90 dB SNR
  • Simultaneous sampling across all input channels
  • Built-in real-time monitoring and detailed analysis tools
  • Full network/Internet connectivity
  • Remote control and interrogation facilities
  • PC architecture

Acquire hundreds of analogue or digital channels, with simultaneous sampling across all channels, and analyse the results within seconds - all on a single compact data acquisition system. A Hawk system can deliver that solution today.

The Hawk system provides a range of modular multi-channel data acquisition and processing units. The Hawk range is able to acquire data from a wide range of analogue and digital sources. The built-in data analysis unit is capable of reducing the acquired data into meaningful results in either the time or frequency domains.

The Hawk has many applications and is particularly appropriate for those requiring high channel-count, long-duration, high-resolution dynamic data capture at fixed test locations.

  • Medium/large scale gas/steam turbine and compressor development test facilities
  • Vibration analysis systems for reciprocating engines
  • Structural vibration monitoring
  • Noise monitoring and analysis
  • Very high-speed data logging (50MBytes/second and above)
  • Seismic data capture and analysis

Hawk units are available in several flavours:



These systems feature analogue input from 32 or 64 channels respectively, using true simultaneous sampling across all channels, at up to 256 kHz sample rate per channel. For higher sample rates, please consider the High-Speed Hawk alternative. Analogue input Hawks can be connected together with LVDS synchronisation, forming systems of much larger capacities - and all controlled from one Hawk User Interface screen.


This system detects, decodes and records digital telemetry streams from multiple sources, such as may be found in a development test cell for rotating machinery. A single HawkDigital can support up to eight telemetry streams at once. The HawkDigital can be linked with other Hawk units as part of a larger test cell system. All captured data is written to time-stamped files which are then stored in the Hercules data management database.

High-Speed Hawk

The High-Speed Hawk offers analogue input at up to 2.5 MHz per channel, using true simultaneous sampling across all channels. Channel counts are available in multiples of 4, up to a maximum of 16 per Hawk; If your application requires more channels, then it is simple to connect more High-Speed Hawks and synchronise them together. The entire system can then be controlled from one Hawk User Interface screen.


This system is used alongside the Eagle platform, for harsh environments where it is not advisable to put computers with disk drvies and moving parts close to the equipment under test. Instead, the Hawk captures and processes real-time data arriving from a remote acquisition device such as a Dragonfly or an Eagle.